Summer is here again, have you chosen your sunglasses

In summer, the sun is generally strong, and many friends will choose to wear a pair of sunglasses. In fact, this is a very effective protection for the eyes. Studies have shown that many kinds of light in the sun are harmful to the eyes, such as ultraviolet rays, and the blue light that is often mentioned now. If these rays of light stimulate the eyes for a long time, they may cause eye diseases. So, in addition to being cool when going out with sunglasses, there are still many benefits.

What are the categories of sunglasses?

Generally, our common sunglasses can be simply divided into decorative sunglasses and practical sunglasses. Nowadays, you can see a lot of sunglasses with very light colors, and other people can clearly see the eyes of the wearer when they are worn. This kind of sunglasses is mainly used for decoration. In terms of practicality, after wearing sunglasses, other people cannot see the wearer's eyes clearly, otherwise it means that the sunglasses do not block the light well.

Of course, if subdivided, the lenses can be divided into color lenses, coated lenses, color-changing lenses, and crystal lens sunglasses. These four types are more common on the market. The color lens mainly filters the corresponding monochromatic light or several monochromatic light by the lens itself to achieve the effect of protecting the eyes, while the coated lens mainly achieves the purpose by reflecting the sunlight. A color-changing lens is a lens whose color becomes darker under strong light, and lighter when light is weak. Crystal lens is a kind of lens that focuses more on aesthetics, and its function of blocking light is worse than the other three.

How to choose sunglasses?

The choice of sunglasses, first of all depends on what kind of sunglasses the wearer needs. If it is for beautiful sunglasses, then the range of choices is relatively wide, basically all kinds of sunglasses can be selected. If the driving crowd chooses sunglasses, then you need to choose polarized sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses can filter out the dazzling glare, so that the driver can see the road clearly and avoid traffic accidents caused by glare interference.

Are there any taboos in the selection and use of sunglasses?

Generally, when choosing sunglasses, we should pay attention to choosing sunglasses that can block ultraviolet rays. Because sunglasses will block the sun, our pupils will be dilated. At this time, if we use sunglasses that can't filter ultraviolet rays, it means we let a larger amount of ultraviolet rays. Direct stimulation of the retina at the fundus of the eye can easily cause retinopathy of the wearer in the long run. In addition, in dark places or indoors, it is generally not recommended to wear sunglasses. At this time, the light is not strong. If we wear sunglasses to block the light, our eyes will be in a weaker light environment, which will increase the burden on the eyes.