Sunglasses to buy

In the hot summer, people who go out frequently or work more outdoors need sunglasses. Sunglasses can block uncomfortable glare, and at the same time can protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays as little as possible.

First of all, we must choose a regular brand product, and the anti-ultraviolet function should be clearly marked. According to international standards, sunglasses are classified as personal eye protection products. The main function of sunglasses is to block the harsh sunlight. However, international standards subdivide sunglasses into "fashion mirrors" and "general purpose mirrors". Among them, the "fashion mirror" has a lower standard and is basically only used for decoration.

The types of sunglasses lenses are roughly divided into five types: anti-reflective protective lenses, colored lenses, painted lenses, polarized lenses and color-changing lenses. Choose according to your needs and pay attention to avoid low-quality lenses. Sunglasses can block ultraviolet rays because a special coating film is added to the lenses. Inferior sunglasses not only cannot block ultraviolet rays, but also severely reduce the transmittance of the lenses, making the pupils larger. Instead, a large amount of ultraviolet rays will be injected into the lens, making the eyes suffer. damage. In addition, inferior lenses also cause people to have symptoms of visual fatigue such as nausea, forgetfulness, and insomnia.

The shape of the frame can be selected according to the face shape. For a round face, a square frame is more energetic; for a long face, wider sunglasses will make the face look narrower; for a square face with a more obvious jaw angle, try to choose the size Moderate round sunglasses.